Our Process is Simple

[quarter_first][title size=”5″][icon size=”small”]credit-card[/icon]  Order a Pulse Videos[/title]Get your Pulse Videos starting from $197. That’s it! It’s really that affordable. With Professional Voice Over included! You can order your sketch video here.[/quarter_first]
[quarter][title size=”5″][icon size=”small”]edit[/icon]  Tell Us About Your Project[/title]Share with us your video idea, by filling out a short form and tell us a little bit about your business and what kind of video you’re looking for.[/quarter]
[quarter][title size=”5″][icon size=”small”]pencil[/icon]  Writing The Script[/title]We write the script and make sure you like it. You will have to approve it of course.
[quarter_last][title size=”5″][icon size=”small”]film[/icon]  We Create Your Video[/title]It will take us about 3-5 days to make your video (depending on the lenght) also it will be FULL HD. You can now enjoy your Sketch Video.[/quarter_last]