We know that you might have some questions, and for that we made this special page with the most frequently asked questions, if you have other questions feel free to contact us.

Do I need to get A Quote?

Nope, you don’t need a quote, our prices start from only $197 for a sketch video up to 1 minute. ¬†You can check out our prices here.

Do I need to provide the script?

There is no need for you to give us a script, you simply need to tell us a little about your video and we will write the script for you (you have to approve it first of course), but if you have a specific script that you want us to use, then we will be happy to use it.

Will my video have a Voice Over?

Yes the voice over is included in the prices, but we can also use awesome audio/jingles instead if you want to.

Can my video be longer?

Our prices are up to 5 minutes, but if you need something larger then that feel free to contact us

Will my video be of high quality? And Why Is it so affordable?

Every video that we produce will be full HD (1080), and we have this awesome ¬†prices because we don’t focus on profits but instead we focus on creating awesome and powerful Pulse Videoss that will help you convert leads and sales. Indeed other companies may ask for $3k, $10k, $15k and even $30k but we try not to rip you off and also offer you a quality and fun video explainer instead.