Find out what a VIDEO can do for your Business. Watch our video!

Hi guys, Stephen here (founder of Pulse Videos), well today I want to talk to you about the importance of a video on your website.

As an Internet Marketer myself, I know that traffic and conversions are the most important things in succeeding in the online business. So that means that I have to do almost anything I can, in order to increase these two.

So at first you will need traffic, because without traffic there won’t be any conversions.

I assume that most of you know about SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing etc.. Well if you don’t know then I suggest you start looking them up, but chances are that you know already what I’m talking about. So while those methods are efficient, most of them require a lot of time and hard work (SEO) or a lot of money (PPC).

So what if there were something less time consuming and less expensive? Well there is, it’s called

Video Marketing!

Basically you will try to get traffic to your website through videos, and eventually get sales/leads.

I think you already know about YouTube, right? Well did you know that YouTube is the no. 2 search engine on the internet after Google (which of course, they own it)? And also that it’s the no. #3 most visited website on the internet (after Google and Facebook)?

Having a video and sharing it on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Your Website and also your blog, can increase your traffic drastically, because google loves videos, and they rank them like crazy on the top pages of Google. So you see where I’m going with this ? No? Well ok, I will tell you now:

You Need A Video On Your Website!

Not only that you will increase your traffic, but you can also increase conversions, I had up to 27% more conversions on one of my websites after I included a video in the sales page.

Most of the internet users are used with videos now, and they are easily bored by long articles (like this one), so that is why video sites and image sharing sites are so popular.

Not only your videos will increase your traffic by doing video marketing, but your conversions will skyrocket. Why? Well is simple, you see, the average person only stays on your website for 54 seconds (or less), so you only have a short time to engage with them. By having an animated video, you will engage with your audience and also almost all the people that will click play on your video will stay till the end of your awesome sketch video, simply because video scribing / whiteboard animation videos are communicating with the brain in a totally different way, and it was scientifically proved!

In average you can expect your conversions to go as high as 35% more when you have a video on your website, but that also depends on your product / service / pricing etc.

So the important question here is:

Do you have a video on your website?

If not, then you are missing out big time, trust me (or you could just do your research and see that many successful companies are using videos in their sale pages and websites).

We can help you get an awesome sketch video that will explain your business under 2 minutes with professional voice over, music, and quality sketches, that will impress any visitor you have! You can check out our order page for more details.

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you started to see the advantages of having a video explaining your business on your website.

Stephen K.